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  • Place an order for €50.96 + Buy MINELAB GPZ 7000 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
  • Place an order for €50.96 + Buy MINELAB GPZ 7000 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
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We present you the newest top metal detector from MINELAB – GPZ 7000.

It is specialized in finding gold up to 40 % deeper than the “king of metal detectors”


Let's start with the depth – how it can be possible to have such difference compared

to GPX 5000? The answer is – thanks to the newest, revolutionary technique, made by

Bruce Candy – the ZVT technology.

For the incredible sensitivity of GPZ 7000 helps the new Super-D coil too.

No matter if you search for little bits of gold under 1g or bigger objects,

you will always have the advantage with GPZ 7000.

Well known is the fact that more gold particles can be found in high-mineralization ground.

At such places most of the metal seekers are seriously hindered to work at all.

Here again you can distinguish the technology of GPZ 7000.

No matter how high is the mineralization, GPZ 7000 adapt to it very easily.

Different side interferences are another negative factor which the metal seekers suffer.

GPZ 7000 has 256 different channels of work.

At every place you want to work, the tool will choose the most silent possible

channel for work.

You don't have to worry that a metal detector of such quality will have a hard to manage

menu and you will be working not so easily with it.

On the contrary, the menu is simple and all modes and functions can be switched between

very easy.


In addition to the built-in speeker and headphones, for a better convenience in the GPZ 7000 set, is included the wireless module WM 12.

For even better convenience is searching of already marked tracks, GPZ 7000 has also GPS.

The coil GPZ 14” is waterproof and can be put at 1 meter depth. You can easily search in rivers.
The waterproof design of GPZ 7000 allows work under rainy and moisty conditions.



A huge step towards the way of finding gold, thanks to the unique new technology, invented by Bruce Candy!


The technology ZVT represents a totally different level of finding gold in incredible depths. The restrictions by the VLF metal seekers, as well as by the induction metal detectors fall off by GPZ 7000!

“This revolutionary ZVT technique ZVT surpass GPX detectors at detecting gold parts at great depths. GPZ 7000 will open again the gold plains.”

                                                                                                            Bruce Candy, inventor of GPZ


ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) makes excessively stable magnetic fields of high voltage and reverse polarity, which raise the sensitivity to gold. This technology allows the detecting of gold parts at extreme depths!


  GPZ 7000
Technology ZVT
Frequency/Emission Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) 
Coil (standart) 14" x 13" Super‑D  "clever"-coil with cover(waterproof up to 1 meter underwater)
Audio 6.3 mm (¼") , the connector is not waterproof, Wi‑Stream wireless audio
Headphones in the set KOSS UR 30 100 ohm, not waterproof 
Display Color LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
Light Yes
USB connectivity USconnection by B with XChange 2 PC software
Memory Yes
Depth indicator -
Modes of searching Gold Mode  (High Yield, General, Extra Deep), Ground Type(Normal, Difficult, Severe)
Discrimination All Metal
Timing -
Audio tones 1-100
Audio type -
Ground balance Automatical and manual (A button for fast ground balance)
Trash elimination -
Pinpoint -
Levels (1-20)
Tune / Noise Cancel Automatical and manual (256 channels)
Sound level Levels(1-50), pikes (1-100)
Target Volume
Range (1-20), limits (1-20)
Battery Li-Ion, rechargeable (7.2V DC, 72Wh)
Signal.charging battery. Yes
Lenght Folded: 1170 mm. Unfolded: 1526 mm. 
Weight 3.32 kg(with GPZ 14 coil, cover coil and 72Wh battery)
Quarantee 3 YEARS



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