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Price: €345.13
Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: 1139070 1


  • Place an order for €51.13 + Buy GARRETT ACE 300i + COMPASS LONG RANGE GOLD 24 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
  • Place an order for €51.13 + Buy GARRETT ACE 300i + COMPASS LONG RANGE GOLD 24 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
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 Includes 18 x 25cm (7" x 10") PROformance™ submersible Searchcoil (as shown) with 3 FREE Accessories*:

Garrett has placed big features into the ACE 300i—Digital Target ID, better detection abilities, a new audio system, and more—for a price that can’t be beat.

Key Features
  • New Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale offers target information
  • New 18 x 25cm (7" x 10") PROformance™ submersible searchcoil offers more coverage, depth
  • New higher frequency (8 kHz) provides better sensitivity on low and medium-conductivity targets (i.e. gold, lead)
  • New Increased Iron Resolution: 3x the iron resolution of an ACE 250, to help overcome target masking in iron-laden hunt sites
  • New Adjustable Frequency to help eliminate interference
  • New Camlocks for increased stem stability
  • New Includes Pulse-Width Modulation audio: sharper, more responsive audio
  • Includes Electronic Pinpointing: precisely locates targets and speeds recovery
  • Notch Discrimination: Modify discrimination patterns based on what you are seeking.
  • Five Search Modes (plus Pinpoint)
  • Eight (8) Sensitivity/Depth adjustments
  • Coin Depth Indicator determines target depth
  • Includes revised Target ID legend and Mode/Discrimination patterns to better suit the search needs of international users.

Highly Recommended - Coin Hunting, Competition Events, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting

Recommended - Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Ghost Town Hunting, Prospecting

Digital Target ID   YES, 0-99 scale
Adjustable Frequency   YES
Camlocks Included   YES
Target ID Cursor Segments   12
Iron Discrimination Segments   6
Notch Discrimination   YES
Search Modes   5 (plus Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments   8
Electronic Pinpointing   YES
Frequency   8 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels   3
Standard Searchcoil   18 x 25cm (7" x 10") PROformance™
Length (Adjustable)   1.06m - 1.29m (42" to 51")
Total Weight   1.27 kgs.(2.8 lbs.)
Batteries   4 AA (included)
Warranty   2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

* Accessory items are subject to change.          

COMPASS LONG RANGE GOLD 24 metal detector for gold only.Fixed sensitivity for maximum range up to  1000 meters, depending on the size of the target and the ability of the operator, depth up to 6 meters. The frequency generator made on the basis of DDS-Direct Digital Synthesis and it is controlled by a microcontroller. Bright LED is the switch to indicate  “POWER”. Very small compact size. The transmitted and received signals are obtained from the antennas.

• Choice of frequency:  GOLD
• Sensitivity: automatic
• Research Methods: One frequency
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius
• Storage: -10 to 55 degrees Celsius
• Power supply:  9V alkaline
• Maximum depth: 6 meters
• Maximum length: 1.000 meters

Warranty: 2 Years

The ability to locate objects depends on the ability of the person who uses it. The tool itself performs the dosing type of measuring.

REMARK: The discount price is available only for Bulgaria!


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